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Photo Courtesy of Tarah Waters


Co-owner Eastport Enterprises LLC

We were attracted to Eastport by it's quirky, eclectic mix of world class artists and creative types interspersed among a rugged traditional waterfront Maine community with astounding natural beauty.

My son has scored off the chart in statewide standardized testing and receives incredible one-on-one mentoring from fiercely devoted professional educators .  He also enjoys a variety of unique  learning opportunities through local businesses, organizations, workshops, volunteerism and other offerings within this rich community.

My family wants it all!  We love a morning hike in Shackford Head State Park, followed by an afternoon sail then dashing off to the Eastport Arts Center to hear the Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra debut works by local composers and then perhaps grabbing a locally produced beer downtown at one of our casual, family friendly establishments.  For us Eastport has been a place where we have found a hearty home well suited towards our diverse needs and interests.  There is so much to do here that sharpens our minds, keeps our bodies strong, and nurtures ours spirits.

Our New York City based clients were severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Much of their IT infrastructure was paralyzed for several weeks.  In that scenario our remote location saved the day since we were able to carry on and keep critical operations online.

Eastport has a distinct vibe and is well suited for those who possess a sense of adventure, self reliance, community spirit, perseverance, and personal fortitude.

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