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Are you:

Considering making a change? 

Ready to ditch the cubicle? 

Tired of missing important family events for work? 

Life is not meant to be lived inside of a cubicle or beholden to your boss. 

Live life on your terms. 

There are many ways to work virtually. In this technological age, corporations are allowing their key staff to work independently of the office more often than ever before. Numerous people have had success approaching their boss and having a conversation about possibilities for a shift toward a location-independent position. 

Others have reached a point in their career where they are ready to try something entirely new! Perhaps you have always dreamed of being a full-time writer, artist, graphic designer, or life coach. Now is the time to really ask yourself: Have I treated my aspirations more like dreams than potential realities? What steps would I have to take to shift my career? Sometimes, when we give ourselves permission to dream big, and actually map it out, we find that our dreams are closer than we think.

If your dream is to live a simple life, in a loving, small community, with a job that is fulfilling and allows you to prioritize life over work, working virtually from Eastport might be just right for you. 

Below are some resources to assist people in their journey toward location independence. 

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